The Whirlwind Within







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The Whirlwind Within is our debut album. Colourful, refreshing repertoire that we hope will spin listeners’ emotions with a touch of jazz, folk, classical and latin styles. The album features compositions by Mike Mower, James Rae, Elisenda Fábregas, Daniel Sánchez Velasco, José Elizondo, Gonzalo Casielles Camblor and Pablo Aguirre. The composers themselves have praised the album for being perfectly synchronised and demonstrating an amazing flexibility, changing quickly and convincingly between contrasting moods: from strong and energetic to poetic, dreamy and mysterious. On top of this, with our personal touch we aim to combine virtuosity and musicality, qualities that seem to be carried by the same wind. The concept of the album emerged while both our concert schedules were interrupted due to the global pandemic in 2020, but that did not stop us from recording this programme in the iconic Esplanade in Singapore. Nature, technology, traditions, urban life… art is truly present in our daily lives. These influences and diversities spun together within our creativity and through our music making, while finding their reflections in this recording.


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