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Piano duo Erica Paganelli and Daniela Filosa worked closely with the acclaimed composer Hugues Dufourt to interpret his music for this album, which was recorded in Dufourt’s presence and includes the world-premiere recording of his ‘L’Eclair d’apres Rimbaud’ and ‘La Fontaine de Cuivre d’apres Chardin’. The album begins with Dufourt’s electrifying ‘L’Eclair d’après Rimbaud’ for two pianos and two percussionists, based on Rimbaud’s ‘Une Saison en Enfer (A Season in Hell)’ which in turn was inspired by his tumultuous relationship with Verlaine. We also hear Dufourt’s introspective solo piano work, ‘Vent d’Automne’, and ‘La Fontaine’, which references Chardin’s painting ‘La fontaine de cuivre’, hanging in the Louvre. Paris is at the heart of this album, unifying Dufourt’s music with that of Ravel and Couperin. Paganelli and Filosa perform Ravel’s stunning ‘Sites auriculaires’, and the ‘Introduction et Allegro’ arranged for two pianos, presenting a fascinating contrast with the French Baroque miniatures of Couperin. Erica Paganelli and Daniela Filosa met whilst studying in Milan, and were drawn into collaborating by their shared love of Ravel, whose ‘Sites auriculaires’ gives this album its name, as well as other 20th century and contemporary repertoire, in which they specialise.


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