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Tom wrote on January 7, 2016 at 10:36 am:
We love Odradek Records!! GO GO GUYS!!
We love Odradek Records!! GO GO GUYS!!
01 – Metopes Op.29 – I. L’Ile des Sirenes // Ronaldo Rolim
  1. 01 – Metopes Op.29 – I. L’Ile des Sirenes // Ronaldo Rolim
  2. 02 – Metopes Op.29 – II. Calypso // Ronaldo Rolim
  3. 03 – Metopes Op.29 – III. Nausicaa // Ronaldo Rolim
  4. 04 – Mythes Op.30 – I. La Fontaine d’Arethuse // Ronaldo Rolim
  5. 05 – Mythes Op.30 – II. Narcisse // Ronaldo Rolim
  6. 06 – Mythes Op.30 – III. Dryades et Pan // Ronaldo Rolim
  7. 07 – Masques Op.34 – I. Sheherazade // Ronaldo Rolim
  8. 08 – Masques Op.34 – II. Tantris le Bouffon // Ronaldo Rolim
  9. 09 – Masques Op.34 – III. Serenade de Don Juan // Ronaldo Rolim