How do you pronounce Odradek?

Like Awe-draw-deck

Where can I find that Kafka story about the Odradek?

You can find it here.

How is Odradek Records different?

We do not keep any share of sales profits, and we offer the most generous contract possible to our artists. Our model for choosing CDs for inclusion in our catalog is similar to the process articles go through for scientific journals, as submissions go through a review process by other professionals to be evaluated for the interest of the program material and the quality of its execution. We then work directly with the artists to produce their CDs. After the production expenses are recuperated, and as an artist’s proportional share of ongoing operating costs are recovered, all profits are given to the artist, insuring that your purchase of one of our records is the strongest possible expression of support and appreciation for that artist’s work. For more information, read more about Becoming an Artist.

Where can I buy your records?

The best place for digital downloads is through our website, by browsing through our catalog and checking out with PayPal, as this way there are no distributor fees that cut into the artists take, and thus we can offer a both a discount to you and a higher margin to the artist.
Otherwise, our recordings can be found on most digital distribution sites, including iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, Nokia,, Zune, and Thumbplay, and many others. For physical copies of our CDs, you will find a link on the album’s page to, where you can purchase physical products.

Do I need “cookies” enabled? What are cookies?

The shopping cart of the catalogue portion of the site needs for cookies to be enabled to function. If you mean to buy and download tracks from us, please ensure your browser is allowing cookies from third party sites (for Safari users, allow all).
For more information on how to do this, please visit:
Cookies are small files saved on your hard drive by websites through your web browser that enable the site to recognize you and allow you to store items in your shopping cart between visits. It is possible to turn them off or have your browser alert you when one is being received. However, in order to make purchases or use an account on this site, you will need to accept cookies from us.

What format and quality are the downloads offered from this site?

When you checkout, you will be given a link to download your purchased tracks or albums in a very high quality MP3 format, encoded at 256kbps VBR, plus album art and PDF versions of the CD’s booklet.

How do I place an order?

Find the track(s), piece(s), or album(s) you want using the composer, album, and artist filters of the store, and add the product(s) to your shopping cart. Press the order button, login or create an account if you have not done so, filling in the order form with your details.
Please note, you will receive an order confirmation once your order has been accepted, containing download links to your purchased music.

Secure web order through PayPal

We only accept orders made through PayPal, and do not handle your credit card information directly. Payments are thus subject to PayPal’s User Agreement in your country.
In the event of suspected fraudulent activity, we will collaborate with PayPal and other authorities and may disclose your details.


Download purchases cannot be cancelled.

What are MP3s?

MP3 files are almost universally playable, can be loaded directly on most all devices, including iPods, and they will play in iTunes and Windows Media Player, on both Mac and PCs. Encoded at 256kbps VBR, it is almost impossible to distinguish them from the full CD version. However, other formats and higher encodes are available upon request for purchased tracks. See below for more information.

Can I download in formats other than MP3?

If you wish to have the full quality CD, or would like the tracks encoded in a different format for your convenience (including Apple Lossless, FLAC, AAC, etc), there will be an option to request this on checkout, and within a few days, we will re-encode the files and send you the links. In the meantime, you can of course enjoy the MP3s immediately upon purchase.

Can I burn CDs of the music I purchase?

Yes, we don’t use any form of DRM. You may want to request a lossless version of the files if you are planning on primarily enjoying it from your HiFi system.

Is your music copy protected?

No, we do not use any form of DRM (“digital rights management”), so music can be enjoyed on whatever devices, transferred to any computers, backed up, and burned to CD for playing in the car or on your HiFi system.

How long is my download link active?

Your link will expire after 30 days. However, by accessing your account, you will be able to access your purchased music and download the tracks through the website.

What about metadata and album artwork?

Since we only deal in classical music, we know the frustrations of organizing tracks bought from online shops into a big classical library. Our downloads are embedded with a .jpg version of the album artwork and are all tagged with full metadata using iTunes’ popular format, as follows

Track name (including the name of the piece and the tempo marking of the movement for multi-movement works.) For instance: Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 “Pathetique” – i. Grave; Allegro di molto e con brio

Last, First
Album cover name
Last, First (dates)
The year of the release
Track Number

What software is required to play and organize tracks purchased here?

All software players support MP3s, and iTunes is a very popular player for both Mac and PC very useful for organizing your music collection. It is available here.
Other popular compatible players include

Windows Media Player

Real Player (Mac/ Windows)

Cog (Mac)

VLC player (Mac / Windows / Linux)

foobar2000 (Windows)

MacAmp Lite X (Mac)

WinAmp (Windows)

XMMS (Linux)

How do I import the music into my player's library?

There is a folder automatically installed with newer versions of iTunes on Macs called “Automatically add to iTunes”, inside your music folder. Adding music to iTunes is as simple as dragging the tracks into that folder. Alternatively, go to Menu > File > Add folder to library, and select the folder where you saved the tracks.
Note that if in your advanced preferences or settings pane “keep iTunes media folder organized” is checked, iTunes will reorganize your library on the hard disk by artist, thus the original folder where you saved the album or tracks might be moved under a new folder with the name of the artist.

Windows Media Player:
go to Menu > File > Add to library > By Monitoring Folders… (automatic) or > Add Folder… (manually)

Real Player:
go to Menu > File > Add Files to My Library > Add Folder
For other players, please consult their help files.

What is the Creative Commons?

It is an extension of basic copyright, a way for us to share more rights with you than traditionally reserved by record companies. More information available on their site.

Why do you license music with Creative Commons?

Whenever possible, we release all of our recordings under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0” license. We feel this is generous in allowing fair use by our listeners while protecting the artistic integrity of our musicians. Commercial licenses and license for other uses can be easily obtained by writing us. Unfortunately we cannot offer recordings featuring works still under copyright protection under a Creative Commons license, and must release them with “all rights reserved”. Look for this logo to know which license applies to the music you are purchasing.
Creative Commons License
Song by Artist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Can I use this music as background music for a non-commercial video, like on YouTube?

Technically, this is not permitted under a “no-derivatives license”
However, if you get in touch with us to ask and offer a link back to the album, we’ll more than likely be happy to allow use. We always consult with the artist first though.

Does the Creative Commons license allow me to share the tracks I purchase with my friends?

Yes, it allows you to use and share the music however you like. We just ask that you do us the favor of only sharing it with your direct friends, hand to hand so to speak, and not on p2p networks or online. If your friends like our music, please encourage them to visit our website to purchase some other discs. Since 100% of profits go to the artists, you are directly supporting them.

Can I use get a license to use this music in a commercial project?

Please note that our music is not useable for commercial purposes under the CC license, and if you wish to use it in your own project, please get in touch to negotiate a licensing deal. We directly represent the artists, and depending on the type of project, the artist may well allow free use or very generous terms.

My tracks aren’t playing properly, what’s wrong?

If there are any problems, please send us an email to request help.

What will appear on my credit card statement?

Your bill should show a transaction labeled “PAYPAL *ODRADEKRECO” on the date you purchased your download(s).

What is your privacy policy?

Please see the “privacy” page in the Help section of the Odradek Records website.

01 – El Milagro // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  1. 01 – El Milagro // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  2. 02 – Movimiento // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  3. 03 – La Aldea // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  4. 04 – Soy // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  5. 05 – Duelo Congelado // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  6. 06 – Carcel de Ventas // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  7. 07 – Not Today // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  8. 08 – Pan Duro // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  9. 09 – Orgullo Kelly // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  10. 10 – La Huella Dactilar // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  11. 11 – La Sombra Del Arbol // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  12. 12 – Aria de Gea // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  13. 13 – Cantilena // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro