We select our artists solely on the basis of a blindly auditioned demo recording. Please prepare at least 40 minutes of music as a demo for consideration.

The recording must contain at least half of the program that you intend to propose, and preferably the entire program. Material which you are submitting which is not intended for the CD program will preferably be similar in nature to the missing portion of the proposed program, to give jurors the best possible means of evaluating the proposal.

Your demo will be presented anonymously to a commission of musicians currently on our roster (classical musicians review classical submissions, jazz musicians review jazz, and world musicians review world). Each roster member has one vote, and the majority opinion decides. You will receive a response within approximately 1 month of submitting your music. Your identity will be kept secret during the evaluation period by the ANONYMUZE platform. If you are rejected, your identity will not be released, not even to the platform administrators. Your name and email address will be released solely in the event that your submission is successful.

Eventual rejections should not be taken as definitive. Conforming with the intentions of Odradek Records, we want to offer musicians the possibility and incentive to improve until reaching a professional level comparable to commercial CDs already in circulation. And so, in the event you are not selected for commercial release, you may send us a new recording after one year, and we will evaluate it from zero.

The demo can be a home recording (the sound quality in this case does not have to be professional), or can be made directly at our studio in Italy. Write to studio@odradek-records.com for more information.

Alternatively, professionally recorded, mastered and unmastered discs made in other studios can be submitted for inclusion in our catalogue. Please specify in the submission if the intended master is being submitted. Written proof of ownership to the rights of the recording from the studio where it was created is required if it is accepted and we publish it.

For classical musicians, we recommend a monographic program or one that has some thematic connection between the works. “Recital” programs are less likely to be accepted.

For jazz musicians, likewise we are generally more enthusiastic about original works, but standards are also possible if they are sufficiently innovative.


Submission is free, and can be done by clicking here. For information on where to mail a physical copy of a demo CD, write us.

The studio is also available for other projects (acoustic music, both classical and jazz) and to record CD and DVD demo discs or promotional web videos (price depends on the project: request a quote).

Where and when possible, artists who get featured in the catalogue will be invited to participate in the Project Odradek festivals and coproductions.

01 – El Milagro // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  1. 01 – El Milagro // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  2. 02 – Movimiento // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  3. 03 – La Aldea // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  4. 04 – Soy // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  5. 05 – Duelo Congelado // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  6. 06 – Carcel de Ventas // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  7. 07 – Not Today // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  8. 08 – Pan Duro // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  9. 09 – Orgullo Kelly // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  10. 10 – La Huella Dactilar // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  11. 11 – La Sombra Del Arbol // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  12. 12 – Aria de Gea // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro
  13. 13 – Cantilena // Dúa de Pel - Madera de Pájaro