28 October 2016

Aurale Delikatessen reviews MEPHISTO for Pizzicato

The Danish wind quintet ‘Carion’ presents a whole program of transcriptions specifically made for the ensemble. While the reviewer initially had some doubts about the usefulness of such a project, those doubts were quickly blown away upon hearing the wonderful arrangements made by David Palmquist, always enriching the originals and making optimal use of the available instruments. This creates a colourful sound image, which is also still quite funny, despite the gloomy and omnipresent Mephisto-idea, that can sound wonderfully sarcastic. That way all the pieces become, not least because of the outstanding and lively playing of the ensembles, an aural delight.
A special compliment goes to the sound engineer Torsten Jessen, whose pristine and naturally balanced way of capturing sound is phenomenal.
With most refined arrangements, fresh and vivid performances and a marvellous recorded sound, this CD is a sheer aural delight.