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01 – Johannes Schondorf – De junge Wetfru // Deeper Standards
  1. 01 – Johannes Schondorf – De junge Wetfru // Deeper Standards
  2. 02 – Simon Krannig – Wo die Nordseewellen // Deeper Standards
  3. 03 – Scottish Ballad – Hartleed // Deeper Standards
  4. 04 – Sea Shanty – Leave Her Johnny // Deeper Standards
  5. 05 – Sea Shanty – De Hamborger Veermaster // Deeper Standards
  6. 06 – Ernst Licht – Ower de stillen Straten // Deeper Standards
  7. 07 – Carl Stiehl – Abendfreden // Deeper Standards
  8. 08 – Folk melody – Weegenlied // Deeper Standards
  9. 09 – Folk melody – Die Moorsoldaten, prisoners’ song from concentration camp Borgermoor // Deeper Standards
  10. 10 – Hannes Wader – Min Jehann // Deeper Standards
  11. 11 – Folk melody – Dat du min Leevsten bust // Deeper Standards
  12. 12 – Heinrich Paulsen – Uun e Doorung // Deeper Standards