A sub-processor is a third party data processor engaged by ODRADEK, including entities from within the group, who has or potentially will have access to or process Service Data (which may contain Personal Data). Further information can be found in the Data Processing Agreement.


ODRADEK uses the following sub-processors to provide infrastructure and services to assist it in providing the ODRADEK Services.





AgileBits produces 1Password which ODRADEK uses to securely share the most sensitive data among team members


Amazon Web Services, Inc

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the primary infrastructure used by ODRADEK to host Service Data submitted to the Services

United States


Aruba provides the web hosting  infrastructure used by ODRADEK to host some sites



Elements of our sites are WordPress and some webforms may be processed by Automattic

United States


ODRADEK uses Uberconference to facilitate conference calls with some clients

United States


Processes demo applications and the databases for some of our sites

United States


Dropbox synchronises files which may include personally identifying information among ODRADEK’s team members

United States


ODRADEK uses Evernote to capture, organize, and share notes among our team members.

United States

FullContact, Inc

FullContact is a service that provides ODRADEK additional contact data on our users.

United States

Google Inc

Google provides email and document services used by ODRADEK to facilitate support and other communication with customers and collaboration on files among our team members

United States


Harvest is a time and expense tracking application which ODRADEK uses for tracking projects with artists and clients and for preparing invoices.

United States

Live chat interface ODRADEK uses to offer support to users of our sites.

United States


MailChimp is an email sending service that ODRADEK relies on as a service provider for sending emails including newsletters

United States


PieSync offers two-way syncing to match and synchronize customer data across connected apps.



Slack provides instant messaging services to ODRADEK’s team members

United States

Studio Odradek

Studio Odradek “The Spheres” is ODRADEK’s recording studio in Italy



Typeform facilitates data collection for some webforms on ODRADEK sites



Odradek uses WeTransfer to transfer files among team members which may contain personally identifying information

United States


Xero provides ODRADEK’S invoicing and book-keeping.

New Zealand


Zapier integrates and passes data among several of the other applications listed here.

United States

Zestia Ltd 

Zestia provides a customer relations management service, “CapsuleCRM”, to facilitate support and other communication with customers


01-Hoffman Ei jauga jauga – I. Osei Pati, Martala // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  1. 01-Hoffman Ei jauga jauga – I. Osei Pati, Martala // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  2. 02-Hoffman Ei jauga jauga – II. Motula Mano, Sirdela // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  3. 03-Hoffman Ei jauga jauga – III. Isjoja Joja, Sodauto // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  4. 04-Hoffman Ei jauga jauga – IV. Ei Jauga Jauga // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  5. 05-Natalevicius Echoes of Silence // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  6. 06-Klova Ferihymnia // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  7. 07-Pranulyte LADA // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  8. 08-Jurkunas Audiodoodle #2 – I. fragmented, unanswered (question) // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  9. 09-Jurkunas Audiodoodle #2 – II. retrograde dance // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  10. 10-Jurkunas Audiodoodle #2 – III. audio glitch // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities
  11. 11-Naujalis Svajone // Trio Agora - Connecting Identities