Szilard Mezei Septet - CET

Szilard Mezei Septet - CET

Genre : Jazz
Catalogue: ODRCD506
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  1. 01 – Cet Whale
  2. 02 – (drawing bottom-top)
  3. 03 – Hep 13
  4. 04 – Semmilyen lépés None step (Hommage à Mal Waldron)
  5. 05 – Szil Elm
  6. 06 – Hep 10
  7. 07-kö-stone


This new CD from Odradek Jazz represents the most significant milestone in Szilárd Mezei’s creative activity with his Septet so far. Mezei explores a multitude of exciting sounds throughout, all of which are strongly connected to his cultural background as well as to his continuous drive to transcend categories and to expand musical boundaries.

Although all the pieces on this album have distinctive characters, there is an overall atmosphere which connects them. Szilárd Mezei’s music is inspired by Hungarian folk music, the free expressions of jazz, and contemporary classical music. Listeners will detect links to all of these sources, yet what emerges is a soundworld all his own: at times angular, playful, avant garde, but always unique.

The combination of the seven instruments in the Szilárd Mezei Septet allows for a wide range of expressions and stylistic allusions. Each of the Septet’s players has his or her own individual sound, and together this handpicked band has developed a unique set of sonorities, like individual vocalists coming together as a choir. There are elements of swing, ceremonial unisons, sharp riffs, wild improvisational lines and majestic melodies. You are invited to dive into moods of self reflection and then, all of a sudden, the music is animated by odd meters and catchy rhythms, inspiring the listener to dance.

The Szilárd Mezei Septet was formed in 2005. Its repertoire consists of over 30 compositions by Szilárd Mezei, written specifically for this arrangement. Mezei has written almost 150 compositions for various ensembles, and is active as a composer of music for the theatre, for which he has won numerous prestigious prizes.

Booklet in English, French and German.
Program notes by Bert Noglik.

01 – Cet Whale // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET
  1. 01 – Cet Whale // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET
  2. 02 – (drawing bottom-top) // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET
  3. 03 – Hep 13 // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET
  4. 04 – Semmilyen lépés None step (Hommage à Mal Waldron) // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET
  5. 05 – Szil Elm // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET
  6. 06 – Hep 10 // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET
  7. 07-kö-stone // Szilard Mezei Septet - CET