Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA

Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA

Genre : Jazz
Catalogue: ODRCD503
UPC: 859689005031
  1. 01 – Lila
  2. 02 – Dreamy Driving
  3. 03 – Walking in Starlight
  4. 04 – Meandering
  5. 05 – Taranto
  6. 06 – Umoya
  7. 07 – Amor
  8. 08 – Direction South


The music of pianist-composer Philip Clouts combines jazz and world music influences, both of which have been integral throughout his musical life. Philip Clouts is drawn to the freedom of jazz and to the rootedness of world music, genres which bring to his compositions both rhythmic vitality and stylistic diversity.
Born in Cape Town, Philip Clouts has been particularly influenced by the immediacy of South African music. Umoya is the Zulu word for ‘life force’, and can also be translated as ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’. This word has become the title of one of Philip’s songs, and of this whole album.
Yet the album is a melting-pot of wide-ranging influences: North African Sufi music, with its trance-like bass; Nigerian dance rhythms stemming from the Afrobeat style of Fela Kuti; European folk music from Italy and Romania; gospel; and, of course, jazz.
Philip Clouts has performed at venues including Ronnie Scott’s, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, and the Womad and Glastonbury Festivals, receiving praise for his “consummate musicianship” (Musician Magazine). He is joined by acclaimed jazz musicians, saxophonist Samuel Eagles (who has been mentored by the likes of Jean Toussaint), Alex Keen on bass guitar, and Dave Ingamells on drums.

Booklet in English, French and German.
Program notes by Rob Adams.


“Precise ebullience and relaxed funkiness”.
The Guardian – John Fordham / 15 October 2015

“…a life-affirming, musically-accomplished album”.
Adrian Pallant / 6 February 2016

“The rhythms and riffs are infectious. Keen and Ingamells maintain a tight groove throughout the record. Eagles’ saxophone lines flow extensively in wide ranging solos. Clouts’ solos are also full of life…”
London Jazz / 7 April 2016

“ His themes mainly have an appealing economy which allow his sidemen, particularly the glowing-toned saxes of Eagles, improvisational freedom while still respecting the music’s charming directness.”
Jazz Journal

“… a revelatory experience”.
UKVibe / November 2015

“Clouts’ compositions are strong and likeable. The quartet’s playing is similarly engaging, a feeling of optimism pervading the tunes with a life force of its own”.
All About Jazz - Bruce Lindsay / 7 December 2015

“Whether the inspiration comes from South Africa, Jamaica, his adopted rural English home or the homelands of jazz, Clouts’ compositions are strong and likeable.”
The Scotsman - Tom Robinson / 20 October 2015

“Compositionally strong… robust grooves…Clouts deserves to be better known, and Umoya speeds that direction of travel along nicely.”
Marlbank - Stephen Graham / 10 October 2015

“His writing sounds detailed and the themes are extended… There’s certainly a lot to enjoy here…”
JazzWise - Peter Bacon / December 2015

“… a richly varied album that explores a variety of jazz, folk and world music styles and does so with a good natured relish… This melodic gem of an album is highly recommended.”
The Jazz Man - Ian Mann / 6 April 2016

01 – Lila // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  1. 01 – Lila // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  2. 02 – Dreamy Driving // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  3. 03 – Walking in Starlight // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  4. 04 – Meandering // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  5. 05 – Taranto // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  6. 06 – Umoya // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  7. 07 – Amor // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA
  8. 08 – Direction South // Philip Clouts Quartet - UMOYA