A new way of doing classical (and now also JAZZ!)

The 1st non-profit, artist controlled classical label

Announcing Odradek Jazz

Jazz Applications now open: apply HERE.

Three years ago Odradek Records embarked on a new way of doing classical:
put the artists in charge – a democratic, artist-controlled, non-profit cooperative,
promoting new artists and fresh repertoire.
Artists are selected through our democratic, blind judging platform,
which means that our catalogue is based purely on outstanding musicality
rather than image, publicity or background.

What label model could be better for jazz:
an art form in which each performer is valued for their skill and input,
each is given their time in the spotlight,
where variety is a virtue.
The genre which encourages musical democracy more than any other
now has the choice of being represented by a democratic label.

Latest Classical Releases:

  Download Digital Booklet for Artur Pizarro – Rachmaninoff Complete Piano Works, Vol. 2

 Coming Soon:



Odradek Records is a democratic cooperative,
non-profit and artist-controlled label and concert association,
promoting new artists and fresh repertoire.
Entrance to our roster is through anonymous demo.
Our dream is utopian: to separate music-making from markets
and create a just system of pure artistic meritocracy.
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Odradek Records is an Associate Member of IAMA (International Artist Managers’ Association) and Culture Action Europe
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